Tree & Shrub Pruning

This is ideal for people who like working on small teams, outdoors in the fresh air, & with a bit of variety in their surroundings.  Pruning teams visit sites 1-2x/year to shear & shape shrubbery, trim low tree limbs, & tidy up when complete.  We focus on low stuff (under 15′) & leave the big tree work to other folks.

What You’ll Do

  • Visit commercial sites 1-3x/year
  • Operate gas-powered shears to put nice shapes on various types of shrubs
  • Use chainsaws & handsaws to raise low tree limbs for clearance
  • Detail pruning on other trees & shrubs as prescribed

What’s Required

If you want the higher wage, you’ll lead a 1-2 person team.  This requires a driver’s license with insurable driving record & professional experience handling various pruning equipment.  You’ll need to be able to handle the physical aspects as this requires a lot of work with your hands, arms, shoulders, & back.  You’ll also need to learn a bit about trees/shrubs, how to identify them, & the proper pruning techniques for them.  If you’re interested in the work but have little-to-no experience, start as a technician.  It’s a great way to learn the ropes & is a direct path to better pay & opportunities.

What’s In It For You

These roles command higher wages than some departments & offers health insurance, retirement plan, PTO, & more after waiting periods.  The work itself provides instant gratification & makes a huge difference in the appearance, health, & safety of a landscape.  And if you like working with power equipment in general, this uses plenty of it.  It’s a lot of fun learning the various types of plants & how to take care of them.