Lawn & Tree Applicator

If you like working solo, not babysitting someone else & having a manager over your shoulder, this might be the perfect fit.  Our Lawn & Tree Applicators (known as Professional Applicators) fertilize lawns, trees, shrubs, & other plants.  This is really fun job for someone who likes to engage their mind & learn the nuances of horticulture.

What You’ll Do

  • Run a route of a mix of residential & commercial properties
  • Mix/load your products
  • Fertilizer lawns with various spreaders including ride-on, push, & belly-grinder
  • Spray broadleaf weeds & nuisance grasses via spray hose or backpack sprayer
  • Apply foliar & truck sprays on trees & shrubs
  • Diagnose issues with lawns & landscape plants
  • Keep accurate records & follow laws

What’s Required

This is one of the best paying gigs we offer….but you need some credentials.  To start, a valid driver’s license & insurance driving record.  If you don’t already have a Professional Applicator’s license with ISDA, you’ll need to study & past some tests.  Pro Care will provide all the training materials, setup the test, & pay for those you pass.  And really, they’re not that difficult but you do need to do your part & study.

Beyond that, you need to have a good head on your shoulders as this position requires reading labels, following regulations, keeping accurate records, diagnosing issues, interacting with clients, & completing service routes.  The physical aspects include lifting 50 lbs, walking much of the day, & working with your hands/arms/shoulders/back.

If you have reservations about applying pesticides, know that Pro Care takes safety very seriously.  All one needs to do is wear the PPE, pay attention to surroundings, & follow label instructions.  We select safe products & teach people how to handle them safely.

What’s In It For You

This ranks among the top paying positions in the company, is employed full-time/year-round, & offers health insurance, retirement plan, PTO, & more after waiting periods.  If you like to use your mind & body, need top pay, & like working alone, this checks all those boxes.